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The images on this web site represent a cross-section of my efforts in drawing, painting, and printmaking. They date from about 1996 until the present. Most are of a Celtic flavour, as I have focused on that imagery as a visual language for what I have tried to express. While working with the Celtic imagery I have experimented with various media. The subject matter has varied along the way however, most of the latest pieces are of Crows and Ravens, both of which have figured periodically in my efforts. I feel that all of my Celtic images are iconographic to some extent. By this, I mean that they work with symbols, motifs, and subjects themselves that open windows to larger, if possibly unseen realities. I have no formal training in the fine arts. However, I have been fortunate to have met artists along the way who have kindly shown me the way --- whatever that has been --- as I have stumbled along on my own. I would thank them for their kindnesses and their inspiration, and I would thank those many clients and potential clients who have supported my efforts in word and in deed. Some of the images here, or variations of them, are available for purchase. This is especially the case with those executed in one of the various printmaking media.

David Brewer was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick. He graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Education degree. He received a Masters of Divinity degree from The Atlantic School of Theology in Halifax, Nova Scotia. An ordained minister in The United Church of Canada, David has lived and worked in a number of communities in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Cape Breton. He has been painting since 1985, focusing on Celtic imagery since 1992. In 1998, David returned to Fredericton where he lives with his family. With the responsibility of looking after several older family members, he puts the pieces together around that through his artwork, some illustration and graphic design, part-time teaching in Irish Studies and Fine Arts at St. Thomas University, and some dabbling in the ministry.

Celtic Border